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From the depths of the world’s most pristine waters, through a proprietary, chemical-free extraction process, LIMU harvests Fucoidan – the supernutrient found in limu seaweed and the main ingredient in all of our ultra-premium products. It powers the LIMU Experience® as the driving force in our Promoters’ success.

With a vision to help people live better and make it to Friday, LIMU Founder, President and CEO Gary J. Raser made it his mission to make a difference with this powerful superfood. He started LIMU to help people pay their bills, not cure the world’s ills, and today he’s credited with pioneering a unique network marketing company with a culture of shared motivation, inspiration and transformation – a company unlike any other. This is our story.

History of LIMU

LIMU Harvester IconThe first of 1,700-plus scientific studies on Fucoidan, the supernutrient found within limu, is published in Volume 9, Issue 1 of FEBS (Federation of European Biochemical Societies) Letters.

Award-winning entrepreneur and corporate executive Gary J. Raser and his wife Helen are introduced to the direct selling industry through a business associate and become two of the top distributors in a record-breaking company.

Gary makes his mark as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a direct sales company he later helps take public and becomes friends with nutritional guru Dr. Robert Atkins, who sparks his interest in nutritional supplements.

The 300th scientific study on Fucoidan is published in The Journal of Physiology.

Gary embarks on a quest to develop a superior liquid superfood unlike anything the industry has ever seen, a superfood with the potential to create a totally new category of nutritional supplements.

Gary Raser encounters limu and realizes the powerful nutritional potential of this extraordinary sea plant. With worldwide rights to the proprietary and exclusive limu extract, which took millions of dollars and 15 years to perfect, he sets out to design a product and marketing strategy.

The LIMU Company is launched and begins its mission to share LIMU ORIGINAL with the world through a network of independent distributors. The LIMU Company is privately owned, profitable and debt-free. First-year sales of LIMU ORIGINAL exceed $10 million, a milestone few companies have ever achieved.

LIMU ORIGINAL catches the attention of national media outlets, including several prominent publications and television networks.

The 600th scientific study on Fucoidan is published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

International expansion begins with Japan – a key market of consumers who understand the unique nutritional benefits of seaweed.

Using the most advanced technology, LIMU ORIGINAL is reformulated to a refreshing and crisp golden nectar. As a result, Promoter enrollments and product sales dramatically increase.

Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Rowdy Gaines is announced as LIMU’s official Brand Ambassador.

A new custom bottle and impactful packaging continues to build the brand, along with enhanced marketing tools, digital resources and cutting-edge websites.

BLU FROG® is soft-launched as the perfect, energizing complement to the life-giving LIMU ORIGINAL.

BLU FROG Motorsports debuts at the Daytona 500 for the official product launch.

LIMU LEAN® is launched, further expanding the brand as a health and nutrition category dominator.

The LIMU BMW CLUB is unveiled and is the first auto program in the industry to be introduced at an early pin rank.

LIMU celebrates the first Promoters to earn more than $1 million in sales, commissions and bonuses.

The LIMU BMW CLUB is rebranded and LIMU is featured cover-to-cover in Success from Home Magazine.

LIMU launches BLU FROG 2, the follow-up to its best-selling energy booster, BLU FROG. The same year, BLU FROG 2 wins the People’s Choice Award for Best New Consumer Product at the 12th Annual American Business Awards.

LIMU breaks new ground in the industry by becoming the first company to begin paying out a Lifetime Cash Bonus to qualifying Promoters.

LIMU expands further abroad, introducing its Prosperity Plan to people in Mexico and Puerto Rico, building on the countries that LIMU ORIGINAL is available in.

LIMU LEAN BURN launches, rounding out the LEAN product family, while winning the People’s Choice Award for Best New Consumer Product at the 14th Annual American Business Awards.

LIMU tops $18 million dollars in prizes, products, trips and cash awarded to Promoters on top of regular commissions over the years at our LIMU LIVE! parties and annual International Conventions.

Fucoidan surpasses the milestone of 1,500 independent, unsolicited, third-party, scientific research studies on its efficacy and is still counting.

LIMU University launches to provide new Promoters with free, cutting-edge training support anywhere, anytime.

The LIMU LEAN Meal Replacement Shake is reformulated and relaunched as LIMU LEAN Protein Shake Mix, offering Customers an improved formula and increased flexibility in its new single-serving packaging. It went on to win the coveted People’s Choice Award for Best New Consumer Product at the 16th Annual American Business Awards.

LIMU enhances its digital portfolio with the launch of LIMU Share, a powerful mobile prospecting app.

LIMU ORIGINAL is reformulated with an advanced, certified organic and non-GMO seaweed blend powered by 5 times more Fucoidan.

This superior, proprietary LIMU Seaweed Blend opens the door for international expansion into new markets and enables future product line extensions in new Fucoidan-based product categories.

Fucoidan benefits are proven by over 1,700 independent, third-party, unsolicited scientific research studies in the U.S. National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health and is recognized as an even more potent antioxidant than the widely-revered Resveratrol.

BLU FROG and BLU FROG 2® are reformulated with an improved Advanced Energy Blend enriched with powerful cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplements and 5 times more Fucoidan, plus rebranded with a fresh new look and repackaged in larger 12 oz. cans.

Stable and


Debt-free & profitable from Day One.

Founded in 2004, with over 9,000 applications sent in over the company’s first weekend, LIMU has been solid and secure from the day we opened our doors.

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